Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting ready for summer

By Ellen R. Delap, CPO®

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We all love those lazy days of summer. But some times that is not what works best. Having an orderly approach to the fun can give you even more relaxation!

Keep the routine

Our first inclination is let to everyone stay up to all hours, eat ice cream for breakfast and have no routine at all. Summer is a great time for new routines. Start with a little later bedtime, but definitely have a bedtime for you and your kids. Getting a great night’s sleep is the best way to make every day a great one. Add in some new twists to responsibilities around the house and some new fun to the day. Have your kids water the plants, mow the lawn and clear the garage. Everyone benefits from having projects and consistency.

Make learning a year round activity

Summer is the time to delve into deep and lengthy learning with lots of hands on activity. Get on google and check out the local resources for library story time, free zoo day and free admission to the local children’s museum. Plan a weekly theme for exploration, such as turtle week, bug week, water week or art week. Having a fun and inexpensive theme keeps you and your family creative and resourceful.

Get your goodies organized

There are lots of ways to get organized for all the summer activities. For every different activity, get your goodies together in a bag. For swimming, organize it all together in a waterproof one. Gather up sunscreen, bug spray, swim toys and sun hats in order to get out the door quickly. For a trip to the library, have a bag that keeps all the borrowed books together. As you plan for travel, stock the car with games, wet wipes, Benadryl and snacks for a family friendly travel.

Having a plan can make all the difference for your summer. You and your kids will thrive not just survive! Getting ready for summer is just making a plan and working your plan.

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