Friday, April 23, 2010

Bringing More Meaning Through Crisis

It’s a day that I and my family will never forget: The day mommy was taken to the hospital on an ambulance! After 2 days in critical care, I found myself needing intensive medical care and facing the decision of terminating my reproductive years at age 42 via a hysterectomy.  I found myself stunned, angry and a little confused.

As I plan for surgery in a few weeks, I took time to mourn the impending loss of my fertility and for a short while I was a bit angry. After shifting my focus to all that I had to be grateful for, I decided that if I allow my anger to rob me of my inner peace, I will impact those I love, and even myself in ways that did not serve me.
It has taken almost 2 weeks for me to get back in the rhythm of things and even know how to transition from that experience to writing again. I have learned in the process that every single challenge in my life is a chance to either turn away from what I know to be true, or to stand strong in who I am and move forward.  I knew that I was given an opportunity once again, to get in touch with my deepest joy and inner drive: to do God’s work by extending myself to other moms on this journey I like to lovingly call “the wacky world of motherhood”.

After a crisis like this, I was reminded of how fragile life is, how vulnerable and mortal we all are. How our days are borrowed and not a minute is promised to any of us. Now when I take a breath, when I taste a piece of apple or sip a cup of hot tea, or kiss my husband or daughter good-bye, I realize that these are all precious gifts. All this business of doing the business of life that seemed so critical, the phone calls, the errands, the endless to-do lists, are once again less important than connecting with those I love and those I serve through my work.  I have decided to be mindful of every single moment. I know…… that is such a cliché, such a platitude until you are the one on the Emergency Room!

I invite you to take no day for granted. Truly embrace every moment by celebrating it and being fully present in it. That will definitely guarantee more meaning to our lives WITHOUT having to go through a crisis to be reminded!

What can you do today to celebrate and be present with your loved ones?


  1. Yes, we must all remember DAILY to appreciate everything and everyone around us because tomorrow is not promised. At least we have TODAY so what are we going to do with THIS DAY??
    Love, Laugh, Pray, Help Others, and Love Again!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your trial with us, Sandra. You are real, truly authentic - the FULL DEAL! You are vulnerable like the rest of us, but handle things in such a way that gives others a chance to experience something better out of your experiences. You are a remarkable woman - know others are here to help!

  3. Thank you both of you for your kind comments!!
    Many blessings,


  4. Sandra, thanks for sharing this very meaningful post. Your courage will inspire others and you will find new doors opening too. Hugs, hugs, hugs!

  5. Hugs to you, and thanks for sharing. So hard to give up, and accept, but you're right ... it's all in how to we choose to move through the experience! I needed that reminder today :). So glad you're finding the joy in it, and may the surgery be minimally difficult.