Thursday, April 29, 2010

Your mission if you choose to accept it

This post is going to be really short but very powerful. Your mission, if you choose to accept   it, is to get a piece of paper and a pen (a journal, a notebook, a pad, a napkin... it doesn't matter what!) and write a list of what is beautiful, inspiring, loving, funny and unique about your child. I know that I often get caught up on the daily challenges and forget what an amazing human being my daughter truly is. I sometimes forget what a privilege it is for both of us to grow up together!
In the interest of authenticity and transparency, I will go first.

So here is my list (so far)
  • She has the deepest, shoe-button brown eyes you've ever seen!
  • She cares for everything and everyone in a way that makes me feel so proud
  • She is genuinely curious
  • She could tell jokes as soon as she could talk
  • She knows the strength of a girl
  • She thinks having brown skin is totally cool
  • She has hair that turns a beautiful auburn in the Summer sun
  • She has an artistic sense I totally envy
  • She's everything I wasn't allowed to be
Now, you try. You'll be surprised by the tears that start forming in your eyes as you re-discover the majesty of this life you brought forth and nourish everyday. Because you get it. You are a mom!

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