Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to use your energy wisely during the holidays

The older I get the more I realize that my energy really is a form of currency, the same way money is currency: we don't usually have unlimited supplies of either one, especially if we are moms of young children!

So, what does it mean to use our energy resources wisely? If I use the analogy of currency and the use of a bank account, it's clear that we are expected to write checks and use the ATM only if we have put money in the account. Otherwise, we ran intro trouble, right? Many times we are tempted to run on "empty", to go on the red, taking out more than we put in! As moms, we tend to push ourselves, go-go-go and end up feeling depleted. We find ourselves "bouncing" our energy checks!

During the Holiday Season, it seems easier to forget to take a minute, breathe and remember the great opportunity before us for connection and meaning, without overdoing it.

Here are 3 simple ways I have found to help us practice good "energy management":

  1. Practice being comfortable with saying NO more than you say yes, especially for socially events that are not meaningful. If you are doing something out of obligation, scratch it off your list.
  2. Make sure to surround yourself with people who share their vitality and passion for life. Watch out for energy vampires and other unhealthy people who ride the “take, take, take” train!
  3. Nurture yourself in mind, body and spirit: taking good care of yourself will insure you have energy to give to others: get enough sleep, eat healthy foods and limit those calorie-filled, tempting desserts and drinks.

As a mom of a very active 8 year-old, I am aware that these ideas are simple yet not always easy to implement. My suggestion to all of us: baby steps. What a great opportunity to start a new tradition this Holiday Season: taking care of you!

As we approach one of the busiest times of the year for many of us, please take a moment to remember (and practice) The Soulful Parent #1 Manifesto Rule for this time and every time of the year: You can't give from an empty cup!!

Wishing you endless moments of awe and joy! 

Sandra Huber CEO- The Soulful Parent

Chief Encouraging Officer

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  1. Another great post with wonderful reminders! Thanks Sandra!!

  2. Thank you Susan!!! I hope that you are moving gently through this Holiday Season and enjoying every bit of it! Y

  3. Sandra...thanks for your post! Great reminders! I have honed my detector for "energy vampires" over the years!

    Enjoy your less-stress holiday!

  4. I agree...and I think as moms, we sometimes get stuck in the trap of 'recreating' our 'perfect' childhood Christmas for our children. I spent a lot of time killing myself to do things my mother did, that I didn't really get any joy from. A great book is "Unplug the Christmas Machine" talks about picking the activities that are meaningful to you, and getting rid of activities you were doing 'out of obligation' as you mentioned above. Great post, with very true thoughts!

  5. Thank you so much for such great insights!! I always appreciate the thoughts of a teacher!!!
    I so agree that getting stuck in the trap of "recreating" a memory of a "perfect" Xmas can truly get us into trouble!
    Let's create our own special memories without the "meaning-less" activities we don't enjoy!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and book recommendation!!!