Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look with your eyes not with your mouth!!

Am I the only one?

Tonight as I was getting our daughter ready for bed, I had to remind her that she needed to stay in her room, as opposed to coming into mine every 5 minutes with some complaint: too cold, too itchy, too thirsty, my tummy hurts, my head hurts, my hair hurts!! YIKES!

I told her that it was time to go to bed and that she needed to stay in bed unless... But that was as long as I got before she rolled her eyes and repeated the same mantra I tell her every night: "unless I am on fire. I know mom, you've told me".

I have to admit that I have repeated them many times a day, some days more than others. The funny thing is that it seems that our 8 year old is completely immune to them: they have no effect in most anything she does! But I can guarantee you that next time the opportunity shows up, I'll say one of the infamous "momisms" that either I have made up myself or remember from my days growing up as the oldest of 3 daughters.

I hope I am not alone. I am sure the phrases we use vary from mom to mom, from family to family. Some times the words just roll off your tongue before you can think about them. This is particularly poignant when you swore, in the privacy of your own mind, that you would NEVER do what your mom did and repeat these useless phrases.

My big wake up call came the first time I heard our daughter then only 2, telling a friend who couldn't sit still at our dinner table, "if you eat, you sit". I stopped me on my tracks!

I wonder: is the fact that we do it just like our parents did, a sign that eventually the rote training takes?

Which "momisms" are you fond of?? I'd love to hear what you never thought would come out of your mouth and has!

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