Thursday, September 2, 2010

Done yelling & bribing! There's a better way:ScreamFree Moms!

  • Does it seems like your 8 year-old’s mouth has gotten out of control and she always has to have the last word?
  • Are you in the middle of a battle between your child and your partner that ends up in more and more disrespectful behavior?
  • Does it seems like you have tried every book, every class and every tool and still can't get your kids to cooperate?
As a mom of a very active and challenging 8 year old, I know firsthand that many skillful moms like you are doing the best they can to raise
their children in a loving, conscious and intentional way. Moms like you, take very serious the challenge of being effective in loving their
children, caring for their partner, managing a household, balancing work and keeping it all together.
And I know that things don’t always work out the way we want.
When your work is caring for your children (among so many other things) you simply can’t turn your kids “off” until you are not stressed, tired, or overwhelmed. As we move forward on the journey of motherhood, we sometimes find ourselves needing some support, some practical tools to keep on “keeping”
I also know that pretending that we can handle it all alone all the time, with the constant pressures to do it just “right” can not only stressful but simply unrealistic and unfair.
Whether we are aware of it or not, stress affects everything we do especially our parenting.I feel very blessed by the opportunity to raise my beautiful, sweet and sometimes “testy” 8 year old:she has helped me grow my heart in ways I never thought possible. She puts a smile on my face most days and she teaches me a great deal about life. I have to admit though, that she also challenges me to keep cool and calm at times when she is not. I have learned with time and tons of practice, that how I respond (not react) to her can really make a difference on how I experience my journey as a parent.
I have also learned this to be true for the moms I work with:
Change the way you respond to your children and the way your children respond to you changes!.

Do you know what the biggest enemy of your parenting efforts is? It is not the TV, the Internet, or even drugs.
Our biggest enemy is our own emotional, unchecked reactions. When I say “I lost it with my kids” the “it” in that sentence is our adulthood. We don’t respond to our kids: we have a huge reaction! Then we wonder why our children have so little respect for us. Isn’t it time to do it different?
It’s time to become

Scream Free!!!

This course will give you the tools you need to shift from CHAOS to CALM!

As a parent coach, trained in Early Childhood and Special Needs, I have learned many tools and strategies to help the families I have worked with focus on what they need to do to have the family lives they dream of. But the experience of mothering challenged me to translate those techniques into practical, concrete strategies that truly work. I had the privilege to test these strategies to find what worked for me so I could build a robust plan for keeping myself focus, calm and connected.
It's time for your parenting to go from SURVIVING to THRIVING!

ScreamFree Moms Teleseminar participant said :" I really liked Sandra. Her personality is very comforting, positive and assuring!"
The Details

We’ll go through 4 weeks together where I’ll share simple and practical ways to really learn how to make meaningful changes to get your parenting back on track.
Each week will include a very short video, pdf course materials, and a password protected Yahoo Group for you to connect with others, get support and share your experience.
Everything is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle! Most of us do not have the time to join lengthy audio classes, watch hours of video or read through pages of text.
We will cover:
Tools to immediately start effecting change at home
How to keep yourself cool and connected
Scripts to use when you are overwhelmed
Effective ways to prevent stress build up and identify your unique stress patterns and triggers.
How to “”switch on your calm response, no matter how stressful the situation you are in.
Gain control of the strongest weapon you naturally have against parental stress: YOU
The course begins September 20 and ends October 11th.
Each Saturday you’ll receive the short, video, pdf weekly course materials, and details to call in for the audio class.
Every Monday evening at 7pm PST/10:00pmEST we’ll get together for the audio class where you can call in by phone.
By Wednesday you’ll get a link to access the recording if you couldn’t make the call. I highly encourage you to participate live but I understand that some times that may not work. I ask that you find some time to listen to the recording.

I know you’re afraid of signing up for this class because you can't imagine how a book and talking on the phone can change the way you parent. You may feel it is too good to be true. You may even wonder if you have time to take the class! But you know what? It’s going to be okay. I’ve been where you are now, and I know the way out of here. So let's walk side-by-side, click on the button that says Buy Now, and in just a moment you’ll be on the road to the solution that makes it all okay.Click the button and let’s get you out of this mess, okay?.

Are you ready to become a Scream Free Mom?
You do need to register soon so I can get you on my class list. There are a limited number of spots so make sure to register early.
*Registration will be open from now until September 20th or until the course is full.

Book Options

NOTE: Your order will show on your credit card statement as Living Out Loud (
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.
P.S. If you are feeling so overwhelmed that you’re not sure if this will help, I want you to know there are ways…simple, easy, doable steps that will make huge shifts in how you deal with your kids and how you view parenting all together. I’d hate to see you hesitate getting the support you need because of the very thing (stress) that this course will help resolve.
I hope you give it a chance!

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