Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Mompreneur Meltdown

Ever since I stepped into this incredible journey of entrepreneurship, I've been devouring everything in sight on marketing, publicity, increasing sales, social media, SEO. I've read the books on it, subscribed to on-line newsletters, and attended local networking meetings, listened to tapes, felt guilty about the tapes I didn't listen to. I am swimming in information. And, this past weekend, I realized, I was choking on it.

Before I knew it, I've gotten so wrapped up in all there is for me to do, that I can close my eyes and think of the infinite amount of tasks calling my name. They are all yelling at me trying to convince me that my success and my value depend on how well I do them all. And in case I decide to have some compassion for myself, I am reminded that I am way behind already. Yikes!

When I think I have maxed out, there’s another email, another invitation to a teleclass, another webinar promising to solve all my problems and bring me more clients, more money, more exposure. The pressure to keep up with the “flow” while running this business got to be too much.

In the middle of this craziness, I have forgotten to listen to my own heart, which is the reason why I do what I do. It’s the reason why I get emails from moms telling me how much they appreciated the encouragement, the kind words and the practical solutions my programs offered them. It’s not glamorous, I know. But it makes ME happy!

Recently I attended a networking meeting full with some amazingly wonderful business people. They were really energized, outspoken and excited. Although I admired their ambition, drive, and moxie I felt out of place focusing only on the mechanics of how to run and business and make the elusive “six-figure” income.

Is there a place for me if I want to let my heart be my compass? Is there a way to have balance between my goals and my priorities? How do I negotiate being available as a mom, spouse, friend, citizen of Life with so many demands on my time?

I came across this article called Be Really Good at Being You!. It spoke to me and the place I was at that eye-opening weekend:
Do you feel inadequate yet? Are you picturing the “supermom” next door that you always envy admire? Well, it is time to stop! You are amazing. You are the only you that will ever be, and YOU are here to find out why. Why do I always compare myself with others, when really I just need to be really good at being me? Everyone’s best is different. For some reason, women have a really hard time accepting that.
After my own meltdown , I became aware of how important it is to be clear on what my friend and business coach Lara Galloway calls “your conditions of satisfaction”. By establishing what your own values and priorities are, it becomes much easier to know when you (and what you do!) are not in alignment with your values, with your “true North”. It's a heck of a lot easier to get somewhere when you know where you are going!

How do you balance motherhood with all other aspects of your life?

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